How to use and care for Power Bank

Caring is one of the most important things that extends the life of a variety of accessories. Definitely one of the most important health factors for a variety of peripherals such as power bank, how to maintain and care for them.

However, many people object to the quality of the product after a short time. Even if you buy a low quality product, with proper maintenance you can increase its lifespan slightly.

This applies to all peripherals of the phone. Power Bank is also one of the most important mobile accessories that is very important in people’s daily lives. Due to the not so cheap price of different types of power banks, one of the main concerns of people is how to use it properly. In this article, we will focus on the most important points to increase the life of the power bank.

How should we take care of Power Bank?

Power banks are portable batteries that need the right temperature just like a phone battery. Both heat and cold will affect the performance of lithium batteries. The first thing you need to know to take care of your power bank is to never put it in a very hot place.

The most important points about maintaining the proper temperature of the power bank are:
When you want to charge the power bank, be sure to place it outdoors.
Use suitable and standard covers. The use of covers that make the power bank warmer reduces the life of the product.
If possible, remove the cover while charging the power bank.
Avoid exposing the power bank to direct sunlight (placing it in the car for a long time or on the dashboard).

The most important points for charging the power bank

One of the things that directly affects the reduction of the life of the power bank is the number of times the power bank is charged. Many users make the mistake of charging the power bank quickly when a number of Power Bank lights go out. If it is better, let the power bank charge run out first, then charge it. The small LED lights on the power banks indicate the amount of charge. It is best to have more than half of the lights off then recharge.

Use a fake charging cable, damage the phone battery and power bank

We have talked many times about the importance of using the original charging cable. However, many users still use a variety of counterfeit charging cables.

A misconception about counterfeit charging cables is that when a cheap charging cable charges the phone or power bank well, then there is no problem! If the destructive effects of using fake iPhone and Android charging cables will be revealed in the long run. Damage to the charging IC, inflating the battery and overheating of the phone screen are some of the side effects that you will see due to the use of a fake charging cable.

This also applies to Power Bank. Never use a fake charging cable to charge the power bank. If you have lost your power bank charging cable for any reason, you can get the best option at a reasonable price by visiting the charging cable purchase page.

Do not use when charging the power bank

Another common mistake users make when drastically shortening the life of their power bank is to use the power bank while charging. You’ve probably heard the advice about using different types of smartphones that you should not use when charging your phone.

When your power bank is charging, it should not be discharged or discharged at the same time. Do not use it at all while the power bank is charging. Doing so will simply reduce the life of the device.

Complete your information about the initial charge of the power bank

Initial charging of power banks is an important issue that will definitely increase battery life. The information provided by the manufacturer of each product may be completely different from the initial charge. Therefore, the same recommendation can not be considered for all power banks. You should be aware of the power bank charge based on the information provided by the product manufacturer about the initial charge. We also suggest you read the article on the initial charge of Power Bank.

General summary:

In this article, we were going to review the tips that will help extend the life of the power bank. However, if you think that there is an important point that you experienced and it is not mentioned in this article, you can express your opinions. Also, if you have a question about this topic, you can ask your question under this post. Ancillary experts will answer your questions at the earliest opportunity.

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