How to identify the original LCD of the phone

One of the problems for many users is breaking the phone’s LCD. If your phone’s LCD is broken, you need to replace it; Otherwise you can not use your phone. One of the concerns that users face is the presence of fake LCDs in the market!

If users pay for the original LCD, but some LCD repairmen put a fake on the mobile. In this article, we are going to examine the original and fake LCD and also examine the solutions for identifying the original and counterfeit ones.

What is the original screen of the phone?

The original screen or LCD of the phone, known as OEM, are screens that are approved by the phone manufacturer. In fact, these screens have been able to get the approval of the phone manufacturer and users can use it with ease.

Of course, you should note that these LCDs are much more expensive than other screens, and when you want to replace your phone’s LCD, you may agree to use copy materials.

What is a High Copy Screen?

Another screen that is available in the market and has a medium quality is the copy screen. These screens are also known by other names such as first-class screen, Chinese, copy, etc. These screens are not manufactured by the phone manufacturer and are not approved by them.

Many Chinese companies are producing copy screens, which are also found in abundance in Iran. The only advantage of copy screens over original screens is that they are cheap, which greatly reduces the cost of replacing the phone screen. So if you are looking for a screen that has a high quality, it is better to use the original screen! Because copycats may bother you. These screens simply break. Even if you use the phone glass, these models of LCDs are still sensitive and fragile.

What is the difference between an original screen and a copy?

If we want to introduce other differences between the original screen and the hiccup other than the ones mentioned above, we can mention the following 3 cases:

1. The quality of displaying the content of the phone screen

The first and most important thing that can be mentioned is the quality of the content displayed on the phone screen. The original screen displays the content of the phone in a higher quality, while the quality of the copy screen is much lower. Sometimes copy screens can not distinguish colors properly and you will be annoyed because you are using your mobile phone for several hours a day.

2. Mobile screen brightness

One of the most important features of the original screen is the ability to use it in the sun! Unfortunately, high-resolution LCDs are weak in direct sunlight and you will almost never be able to use them. Since users do not always use the phone indoors, it is better to use the original screen.

3. Stability and functionality for users

Another fundamental difference between original and copy screens is their durability. Users always like to use the best parts, but sometimes, due to the large price difference between the original screen and the high-quality copy, they prefer to use the LCD copy.

You should note that these screens have a shorter life in similar conditions, so it is better to use the original screen. Of course, using the phone case helps a lot to increase the life of both types of LCDs, and it is better to use it. We suggest that you visit the phone case purchase page to view the types of frames and guards.

How to distinguish between original and high-quality screens?

To replace the phone LCD, you need a laptop or mobile screwdriver to be able to replace it. Of course, just a laptop screwdriver can not help you; You also have to specialize in it. There are three main ways to identify the original and fake screen:

Compare the display quality of your phone and a phone without repair in the same situation

If you can put a phone whose screen has not been replaced next to your phone, you will easily notice the difference in the quality of their display. This is the easiest way to identify the original screen and copy.

Check the pads on the LCD cables

If you check the pads on the LCD cable, you will notice its softness in the original screen! However, there is no copy or pad on the screen, or if it is, it is very rough. You can easily find out if your phone is working while replacing your phone’s LCD.

Existence of hacked logo on the original screen

One of the most important things that can be used to identify the originality of the phone’s LCD is the hacked logo on it. For example, next to the original Apple screens, the logo has been hacked, but there is no copy of the Apple logo on the LC.

General summary:

In this article, we reviewed the original and high-quality screens so that you can have a better choice in replacing your phone screen. If you have experienced unwanted LCD copying, please let us know.

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