How to detect a counterfeit phone battery?

With the increasing use of smartphones, the possibility of battery damage and reduced performance has increased. According to statistics, smartphone users use their mobile phones for an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes a day. For 20% of users, this statistic reaches more than 4 hours 30 minutes a day. Excessive use of the phone and its continuous charging causes the batteries to gradually lose their efficiency over time.

If you are tired of your phone running low and charging continuously, the best way is to change the phone battery. But with so many low quality products on the market, buying a genuine battery can be a daunting task. For this reason, today we are going to provide you with the best solutions for detecting counterfeit phone batteries. Be sure to read this article before buying a phone battery.

Fake phone battery detection solutions; Become a professional in battery detection

It is very important to distinguish the original battery from the counterfeit. Counterfeit batteries, in addition to not being as efficient as genuine batteries, can cause serious problems. Damage to various parts of the phone and even battery explosion are among the main problems of counterfeit batteries.

There are many ways to detect a counterfeit phone battery. However, it may be relatively difficult for you to detect a counterfeit battery. For this reason, in our opinion, the best thing to do is to buy a phone battery from a reputable and reference store, such as a side store. Here are some tips to help you distinguish genuine batteries from counterfeit ones.

Detect the counterfeit phone battery from its appearance; Tips that reveal a counterfeit battery!

You need to be sharp when buying a battery. At first glance, fake and original products may not look much different. However, there are always small points that can be used to detect a counterfeit battery. In general, by holding the battery, you can determine whether it is genuine or counterfeit in terms of quality. Here are some basic differences between a counterfeit battery and an original one.

1. Difference in writings, signs and the location of the label on the counterfeit battery

Before buying, be sure to check the original battery and fabric of your phone. Any change in the signs and inscriptions on the battery or the location of the label can indicate the battery of the counterfeit phone.

2. Appearance problems and unhealthy body of the counterfeit phone battery

Check the top, bottom and connection of the battery. No roughness should be seen on the body. Protruding labels and uneven edges of the battery are other signs that the battery is counterfeit.

3. Differences in the appearance of counterfeit battery connectors

Older batteries that can be detached by the user usually have a connector. The battery connection should be convex and have a smooth appearance.

4. Do not forget to check the numbers related to capacity, voltage and amps.

Be sure to pay attention to this point and before buying the phone battery, match the numbers registered on it with the numbers registered on the original battery.

5- Match the specifications on the battery box with the specifications on the battery.

Original batteries are sold with the box. The specifications on the box, such as the date of manufacture or serial number, must match the numbers recorded on the battery.

6. Internal batteries are more likely to be counterfeit; Pay attention to the battery specifications

Most new smartphones are equipped with built-in batteries that you can not access directly. To replace these batteries, you should consult a mobile repairman. Before installing a new battery, be sure to ask the repairman to provide you with the original battery on the phone and the new battery. Here, too, you should carefully check the appearance of the battery. Any differences in appearance indicate that the battery is counterfeit.

What are the performance problems that indicate that the battery is counterfeit?

In addition to the appearance of the battery, you should also pay attention to its function to determine if the phone battery is counterfeit. Problems such as overheating while charging or not fully charging are commonly seen in counterfeit batteries. Prolonged charging time can also be due to poor battery life. We recommend that you fully charge the battery after purchasing it and measure the charging time. This will ensure the battery performance.

Decreased charge retention time can be a sign that the battery is counterfeit. Of course, most smartphones today do not have a high charge life due to the limited capacity of the batteries. If you are sure that your battery is genuine but you are not satisfied with the battery life, you can solve your problem by buying a power bank from a side store.

Detection of counterfeit Android phone battery; Use battery health diagnostic programs

If you have recently replaced the battery of your Android phone or bought a second-hand Android phone, it will be very important for you to make sure that the phone battery is genuine. In general, the battery of Android phones is more likely to be counterfeit or have a problem. So you have to be more careful when buying the battery of these smartphones.

Battery health diagnostic programs such as Accu Battery can provide you with very detailed and accurate information about battery health. See the exact amount of battery capacity, battery charge and battery health percentage in this program. This program also checks the battery charge. Sometimes the battery may not be a problem and the phone charger may not work properly. In these cases, instead of replacing the battery, you can buy the original Android charger from John Store

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